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Dr. Hockstra is the BEST chiropractor and a stellar human being. His mentor (who wrote the textbook on pediatric chiropractic care) recommended me to him when I moved from CA to VA. In addition to being an expert in his field, Dr. Hockstra is intelligent and well connected to the medical community in the DC area - as such, he has been able to support every aspect of my diagnostic and healing journey. Thank you, Dr. Hockstra!


Great spot! Dr Hockstra is wonderful and always has time to fit me in. He takes care of my entire family and couldn’t recommend his services enough. You’ll be in great hands!


Have been going to see Dr. Hockstra since he started his practice years ago in Tyson’s and McLean. Love the new location in Middleburg! The location is super clean, bright and welcoming, right in the heart of Middleburg, and so convenient. He is such a wonderful chiropractor who practices Active Release Therapy, ART, which is so much better than traditional methods. He is a consummate professional, knowledgeable, dedicated and kind. I highly recommend him and have sent him many of my friends!


I have been to literally dozens of physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors in the past 25 years. Most of them were pretty good, but none of them were remotely as skilled or effective in treating my ailments as Dr. Hockstra. He is simply the best.


I have had two sport related injuries and Danny was amazing. Both injuries were dramatically improved after each visit. He was also able to explain what had happened and the best way to heal and prevent from happening in the future.


Dr. Hockstra is amazing! Every time I've left his office I've felt 100x better than when I walked in.


Dr Hokstra has helped me feel better and move with ease. Whenever I start to feel a twinge in my back, he’s been able to fix the problem. I never enjoyed the cracking of a chiropractor, and the way he manipulates the muscles and targets the problem is amazing. I’ve been seeing him for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else!


Dr. Hockstra is one of those rare finds. He's extremely knowledgeable and tries to understand what facets of your lifestyle affect your alignment. But most importantly, he is one of the kindest, gentlest souls I've encountered in the medical field. I can easily see why he is so highly regarded and respected. He's a true gem.


I'm a body worker and because of Dr Hockstra I've been able to continue my career for 12 years. He has kept me going. I refer all my clients to him. He's so kind, caring and overall amazing! He truly cares about how we feel and I always feel better after seeing him.

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