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Recovery Zone



With equipment used by the world's best athletes and sports medicine professionals, our Recovery Zone will help you to reduce inflammation and increase range of motion. Whether you are training for a sporting event, recovering from an injury, or just looking to relieve pain and soreness, the Recovery Zone has something for you. Read below to learn more about the benefits of each product.

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Air Compression

Normatec recovery systems are cutting-edge, commercial-grade compression devices that enhance the body’s natural ability to recover.

Using Normatec’s full-length leg, arm, or hip compression attachments rejuvenates muscle tissue and dramatically reduces tightness and soreness.


Heat and Vibration

The Venom Back heats up 6x faster than standard heating pads, providing near instant heat and vibration for your lower back.

It helps to alleviate pain, soothe soreness, and increase flexibility and range of motion.


Percussion Massage

The Hypervolt massage gun loosens muscles and targets fatigue in seconds with powerful percussion.

It accelerates recovery by loosening muscle knots, increasing circulation, and reducing muscle fatigue.


Contrast Therapy

The Hyperice X Knee switches between hot and cold within 60 seconds, holding at a consistent temperature for as long as you need.

Contrast therapy dramatically reduces pain and inflammation for long lasting relief after injury or exercise.

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