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Keeping Your 2024 Goals

Have you ever made a goal, maybe to eat healthier or exercise more, only to give up soon after or forget about it entirely? If so, you are not alone! Keeping any goal is challenging, let alone keeping a new year's goal for the entire year. Today, I am excited to share a five step plan to help you accomplish your goals and improve your health in 2024. If you did not make any resolutions on January 1, it's not too late! I will also be recommending my favorite health, physical, and relationship goals.

Step 1: Write It Down

Although it may seem trivial, writing down your goal is an important first step to forming an effective action plan. This provides an opportunity for you to be specific and intentional. For example, you may mentally commit to exercising more, but what exactly does that look like? Putting your goal in writing causes you to better consider what you are trying to accomplish. Instead of writing that you intend to exercise more, you could plan to workout at the gym three times a week, or to go for a walk every day. Take an opportunity to write down and clearly define your goals for 2024.

Step 2: Make Time

After you take a few moments to write down your goals, the next step is to make time in your schedule to accomplish them. Success will prove to be difficult if you have not budgeted time to cultivate new habits. If your goal is to hit the gym three times a week, for example, then you should set aside a specific block of time in advance. You could plan on waking up an hour earlier to give yourself time before work, or you could set aside some time on the weekend. Whether your goal is related to exercise or not, it likely requires you to make some room in your schedule.

Step 3: Create Reminders

In addition to making time for your goals, creating reminders will go a long way in keeping you disciplined when life gets busy. I recommend putting your goals on your calendar or setting reminders on your phone. You can also make hand written notes to place on your nightstand, mirror, or refrigerator.

Step 4: Find Accountability

Next, I recommend finding an accountability partner who will support you in following through on your plan. Whether you have made health, fitness, relationship, or other goals, having a partner to check in on your progress will be helpful in motivating you to stay on track. Ideally, this person will be able to encourage you, and may even join you in accomplishing a shared goal.

Step 5: Reflect

Finally, it is important to schedule time every so often to reflect on your progress. This may involve taking a few minutes at the end of each week to review both your success and failure. At some point throughout the year, you may fall short of your goal. This time of reflection is an opportunity to adjust your plan and illuminate ways that you can improve in the future. Additionally, reflecting on your accomplishments and improvements so far will help motivate you to continue on.

It's Not Too Late

If you did not make any new year's goals, or you have already given up, it's not too late for a fresh start. Each person's goals for 2024 are going to look different, but I recommend that everyone have at least one health, fitness, and relationship goal. You can use my five step plan outlined above, or you can use it as a guide to create your own plan.

My Recommendations

Below, I have provided a few of my recommendations for 2024 goals.

Health Goals

  1. Eat 2 servings of vegetables per day.

  2. Eat 5 servings of vegetables per day.

  3. Turn off all screens 30 minutes before bed. This will help to promote better sleep.

Fitness Goals

  1. Go for a 20-45 minute walk every day.

  2. Go for a 45 minute walk and do your age in pushups every day. Use modified pushups if needed.

Relationship Goal

  1. Send someone a hand written card or note this year. This will foster a human connection as opposed to a text or email. Encourage or show your appreciation for someone you care for and respect.

If you have any questions or are interested in scheduling an appointment, click below. Have a blessed 2024!

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